Snap Trading Suite

Snap Trading Suite provides professional traders with ultra low latency multi-asset trading solutions coupled an intuitive trading interface and an integrated backend management system.

Buy Side Trading


Trader order entry platform that incorporates intuitive click trade execution.

– Easy and fast order input.
– Intuitive stop loss functionality.
– Real-time fill and position entries.
– Highly customizable.
– Integration with pre-built Algos.
– Combined with SnapOMS to deliver low latency.


Wide scope of pre-trade limits capability for holistic risk management.

– Quantity and Value based risk layers including loss limits, order size or “fat finger” checks.
– Trading halt functionality.
– Multi-tier hierarchical framework covering limits at Company; Group; Strategy; Product levels.
– Other risk layers allow limits to be set at Exposure; Positions; Total number of Orders.


Algo-engine for sophisticated traders to write trading programs direct to our API.

– C++ programming language.
– Front-end user interface for server side Algo trading software.
– Algo trading directly executed on the server.

Sell Side Trading


Order Management System with Algo-execution framework..

– Multi-asset solution.
– Order and position management.
– Multiple accounts and markets.
– Low latency <100 micro seconds.


Internal Order Matching Engine

– Facilitate low latency exchange and OTC matching.
– Increase market liquidity.


Real-time market data and order routing to clients and other trading gateways.

– Singapore based ISVs to certified to SGX’s new generation TITAN platform ITCH and OUCH
– FIX and Native.
– Highly customizable architecture.
– Support Screen-based and API trading & analytics.
– Connect to major derivatives & equities markets.

SnapDrop Copy

Risk management tool to facilitate real-time monitoring of trading activities with international exchanges.

– Send “carbon copies” of trades, orders, information to both exchange and sell-side.
– For tracking and compliance filing.


Full suite of adaptive solutions adaptive that can be integrated into 3rd party systems.