Development of Trading Strategies

We recognize that there are buy-side clients who have a more general conception of their trading strategies regarding strategy types, geographical markets or instruments etc.

For these clients, we do have associations with traders who can consult with them to develop trading strategies.

This is done independently of SNAP. But we can follow up on the programming works to implement the Algo trading strategies.


Programming Services for Trading Strategies / Custom Algo Orders

Programming services for buy-side clients who have proprietary trading strategies or Algo orders but do not have the domain expertise in programming and software development.

Sell-side & other Service Providers

Apart for securities firms and brokers on the sell-side, SNAP also works with other service providers as exchanges, market data providers and telcos etc.

We take on a full suite of system architecture and software integration projects from development work to implementation.

  • Integration project with other 3rd party system architecture (trading, data, research systems).
  • Design and customization of front-end trading screens.

Financial Experts

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Always Available

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Customer Focused

We will go ahead that extra mile to ensure clients welfare, our working hours are convenient to our Client's needs.

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