Dr. Ting Shang Ping

AI Research, Snap Innovations

Dr Ting started his professional trading career with Nyenburgh* as a proprietary trader back in Oct 2007. Prior to joining the arbitrage trading outfit, Dr Ting was a software engineer with Defense Science & Technology Agency (“DSTA”), responsible for the development of artificial intelligence
software for the Singapore Armed Forces’ advanced combat simulator.

During his 4 years with Nyenburgh, Dr Ting achieved an impeccable trading record of between 27% to 39% pa return with Zero monthly drawdowns while simultaneously taking on his Ph.D in Philosophy in Computer Engineering. Seven months after attaining his Ph.D, Dr Ting left his position as Head Trader to set up his own proprietary trading company, Anderson Sigma.

To facilitate his trading and pursuit of continuing his strong trading record, Dr Ting developed his own low latency algo-trading platform, SNAP, named after his study and passion for time critical decision making models. Dr Ting was able to add on to his trading record, maintaining the strong rate of return
while avoiding monthly drawdowns throughout.

Dr Ting provides strategic direction to a core team of traders and software programmers that are constantly researching, back testing and developing Algo-trading strategies to ensure optimum performance and creating Alpha in the evolving markets.